Author: Daniella Knelman

Female Witness Giving Evidence to Prosecutor

Checklist for Direct Examination

The following is a checklist to help you prepare and execute a persuasive Direct Examination. In your first few trials, be sure to review the list until the items become familiar and habitual.

Witness testifying

Refreshing Recollection

A witness’s failure to recall a fact or event at trial is a common occurrence. Trial lawyers must master the mechanics of refreshing the recollection (memory) of a witness or risk foregoing the admission of valuable, relevant evidence. The following is a breakdown of the elements of refreshing the recollection of a witness and an exemplar script. 

courtroom gavel

Common Trial Objections

This article outlines the most common trial objections, including objections to the form of questions, objections to proffered evidence, and motions to strike.

Witness Swearing On The Bible Telling The Truth

Five Essential Principles Of Direct Examination

A successful Direct Examination tells a compelling story to the jury. Since trials are typically won by the side that has the most provable and convincing story, conducting an effective direct examination is critical to success.  This article will explore five essential principles of an effective direct examination.

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