Faculty & Leadership

We are a group of judges and practicing attorneys who work together to provide education and training to build skilled and ethical trial attorneys.

2022 Officers

2022 Board of Directors

Darin Boles
Joshua Brisbane
Hon. Mark Cumba
Hon. Francis M. Devaney
Deborah Dixon
Cherie Enge
Hon. Kevin A. Enright

David Gallo
John H. Gomez
Hon. William Q. Hayes
Patricia Hollenbeck
Rhonda Mallory
Amy Martel
Lilys D. McCoy

William Miller
Hon. Linda B. Quinn (Ret.)
Catherine Richardson
Hon. Robert J. Trentacosta
James J. Wallace
Allison C. Worden

Featured Lecturer

The Honorable Robert Trentacosta

Judge Robert J. Trentacosta is a Past Presiding Judge of the San Diego Superior Court, where he became a statewide leader on court funding. Judge Trentacosta was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the San Diego Superior Court Judge in 2000. Before his appointment, Judge Trentacosta was a prosecutor and civil trial lawyer. He is the former president of the plaintiff’s trial bar, the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

Judge Trantacosta is the former President of the San Diego Inn of Court  and is presently a Master in the American Inns of Court, Louis M. Welsh Chapter. He has taught legal, trial, and deposition techniques for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, CEB, and other organizations and law schools. He has served as an instructor at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy since 1985. He is a frequent guest lecturer on legal and trial issues for a multitude of law related organizations. In addition, Judge Trentacosta is an adjunct professor of law at his alma mater, the University of San Diego, School of Law. Judge Trentacosta is currently assigned to the Superior Court, Criminal Division where he presides over felony trials.

Robert J. Trentacosta, judge for the Superior Court of San Diego County

Distinguished Faculty

N. Denise Asher
Edward “Skip” Babbitt
Hon. Jeffrey Barton
Darin Boles
James Brown
Hon. Patricia Y. Cowett (Ret.)
George de la Flor
Hon. Steven R. Denton
Hon. Francis Devaney
Thomas M. Diachenko
Hon. Kevin Enright

Hon. Ronald F. Frazier
John J. Freni
David Gallo
Richard Guido
Susan Hack
Hon. Judith L. Haller
Robert Hamparyan
Patricia Hollenbeck
Clark Hudson
Paul Leeds
Hon. Joan Lewis (Ret.)

Greg McClain
Lilys McCoy
Hon. William Nevitt
Hon. Leo Papas (Ret.)
John Philpott
James Pokorny
Hon. Linda Quinn (Ret.)
Hon. Wayne L. Peterson (Ret.)
Brian Rawers
Hon. David Rubin
Sean Simpson

Hon. Kenneth So
Dan Stanford
Todd F. Stevens
Hon. Ronald Styn
Hon. Robert J. Trentacosta
Jim Wallace
James Waters
Chris Welsh
Allison Worden

"Taking this type of a course is really a great refresher, and even though it’s outside of my comfort zone, the staff and the instructors, and the other people in our group are really great at just being encouraging and making us feel comfortable so that we can really just get down to practicing."

Carree Nahama Esq.

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